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Our highly qualified experts and elite editorial team review any grammatical errors, including capitalization, punctuation, verb tense, sentence structure, and spelling. Let us advise you with your written content too! Start Live Chat Get a Quote Toll Free +1(929)277-5540
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Remarkable Proofreading Services Trusted By Thousands Of Global Clients

At Ghost Writings Inc, our hand-picked, professional editorial team has been trusted by numerous clients worldwide. The comprehensively check for any errors any grammatical, structural, or spelling errors that there may be. All our proofreaders are highly qualified native English speakers, well-versed in taking over any proofreading job.

World-Class Proofreading At Your Fingertips

Take Assistance From Highly Trusted, Fast, And Professional Proofreading Services Online

Our Approach

Your One-Stop Solution For The Best Proofreading Services

  • Professional Editors

    Our expert personal editors are specialists in editing content from various genres. They are picked based on merit and are supported by the latest technologies.

  • Quick Turnarounds

    Our efficient process allows for the return of your proofread document in just about a few hours. Pick the turnaround that befits your deadline.

  • 100% Satisfaction

    We are bold that you will be satisfied with the quality of work, which is why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our Proofreading Process

Draft Submission
The writer submits the draft that requires proofreading from our expert editors.
Reading and Error Checking
Our dedicated copywriter go through the content and looks for any writing errors.
Fixing Errors
The proofreader fixes all grammatical, structural, and spelling errors in the document and go through it one more time to ensure it's free from all mistakes.
Software Scanning
The document is run on licensed proofreading software such as Grammarly or Copyscape for 100% error-free results.
Document Delivery
Once the document is proofread and all errors are fixed, it is then sent back to the client for approval.

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Don’t waste your time! Ghost Writings Inc is one of the best online proofreading services you will find. Reach to our team of professionals now!

Client Testimonials

We got various works published for our respective clients, and also helped them get ranked among the best sellers.


"Ghost Writings Inc is no doubt the best content producing and book writing company. They helped me get my dream book get finalized and published."
Isabella LindnerChairman - CEO


"Ghost Writings Inc has exclusive services that helped me get my book the recognition that it deserved. I'm glad that I got to work with Ghost Writings Inc!"
Juan JoseAuthor


"I was quite dishearten when I wasn't able to complete my book, but then I found Ghost Writings Inc, and they helped me finalize and publish my book. "
Julian RauschEducationist and Author


"Top agency. Had no time to prepare my idea into a proper book, so I sought here professional help and was not
"Ghost Writings Inc has exclusive services that helped me get my book the recognition that it deserved. I'm glad that I got to work with Ghost Writings Inc!"
Juan JoseAuthor

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